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Baby set

This baby set is made with  one skein Zeeman Super Soft, 100% acrylic and 4mm needles

Baby hat pattern (in Spanish) see you here

The short sleeve jumper is my own pattern, it is free, and for personal use only.

Both items are made for charity.

Baby short sleeve jumper (based on my original pattern “Charity Jumper”)

Cast on 80 sts. in 4mm circular needles. Join in the round, be careful not to twist stitches.

1) Knit rib 2×2 for 5 rows

2) Knit two rows

3) Increase one stitch every 4 sts. (I did make a kfb increase) You should go from 80 to 100 stitches

4) Knit two rows

5) Increase one stitch every 10 (110 sts total)

6) Knit one row

7) K 25, place marker (PM), k30, (PM), k25, (PM), k30

8) Increase row: kfb one stitch before and one after each marker (you increase 8 stitches) I do use mostly kfb to increase, but you can choose the method you prefer.

9) Continue knitting two rows and one increase row until you have 33 stitches on each sleeve.

10) Purl sleeve stitches and knit body stitches

11) Knit all

12) Purl sleeve stitches and knit body stitches

13) Bind off sleeves

14) Cast on five stitches on each underam (86 sts total)

Knit until piece measures 28 cm from the beginning

15) Knit rib 2×2  for 5 rows

16) Bind off

The one you see in the picture is 23 cm width and 30 cm long

2 comentarios sobre “Baby set

  1. Great pattern. It’s absolutely adorable! I’ve modified it some, to have longer sleeves and extend all the way past a baby’s feet so that it can be closed and used as a sort of sleeping sack. Thanks for the pattern!

    Me gusta


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