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Some people have a huge stash, I don’t.

My stash is minimum. I think that is because I am anxious, too much wool makes me think I have to knit and crochet a lot (in a short period of time) in order to destash and calm down 🙂

…but I cannot stop buying needles, crochet needles and knitting accessories.



(Yes, I have more things, not showed in the picture)


what at about you? Are you a stash or a needle hoarder?

Crochet · Free pattern

Two dresses

imagehere  video instructions.


I made the green one with 60 chains. The other one with 66 (plus 3 that count as first stitch). This gives you 32 sets of shells on round 7 and you work 10 sets of shells for front, 10 for the back and you skip 6 sets to make the armholes. I also repeated round 2 to make the yoke a little bit longer.