Crochet · Free pattern


I have been knitting and crocheting hats. I am reaaly happy because it is the first time that I can crochet a hat.

Even when I have been crocheting for almost five years, I only made shawls and ponchos, until I found the right tutorial and I could crochet a hat! And one lead to another, and now I am addicted to it.

If you want to make them too here is the pattern and a video tutorial.


I combined colors,


I added a trim,

Gorro tricolor

And I have made many more.





Crochet · Free pattern

Yes, I did it!!

Long time ago (April 2016, maybe?) I have found this pattern.

Easy and really nice, but I don’t know why I could not follow it, made mistakes continuosly. Pffffffffffffffff.

I decided to stop trying it… until Monday. I tried it again and I made it!!


Took me  skeins (80 mts, each, approximately). I am happy!! 🙂


And just a little  “tail” over.


Have a nice day